Welcome! I've been baking away in the kitchen and wanted to share some of my goodies with you and your family!
Buy the Linzer Kit and you can put together my fresh Linzer Cookies for a special treat.
Pre-order your Linzer Kit today!
What's in the kit?
Your kit will be packaged in a custom designed box including:
12 baked cookies (fronts & backs)
1 Knife for spreading jam
1 Jam jar
1 Powdered sugar shaker
About Lil' Bruiser
I grew up in Long Island, New York amongst the constant smells and tastes of home-cooked meals, particularly at holiday time when my mom would labor for weeks meticulously making the "Christmas Cookies" of her own childhood. They were all delicious but we each had our favorite and for me it was without a doubt the Linzer Tarts that came from the Austrain-Hungarian side of our melting-pot of a family. My aunts, Katie and Lucille, two of the most accomplished home-cooks and bakers I know, would make them every year and I ate them as fast as they could assemble them. Now I hope that you do too!
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So excited to get and gift these beautiful and very lovingly made #linzerkit created by my very dear friend @lil.bruiser...they are SO darn delicious!! Lauren, your personal touch, creativity and mad baking skills really shine through!! ❤️🎄☕️🍪 @mrsjarguy
We couldn't be prouder of our dear friend Lauren on the launch of @lil.bruiser. This perfectly packaged, adorable Linzer Cookie Kit is such a great holiday gift. Can't wait to make these cookies with Costa!!! Hurry and order yours this week! Packaging by @ludlowkingsley ❤️ @valleybrinkroad
❤️ Such a great cookie & gift! @ladybauer